Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “Getting Started With Us (How to Get Your Credit Reports)”

Bankruptcy – We Wrote the Book on It By Ronald C. Sykstus and the Bond and Botes Team of Lawyers

Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “Getting Started With Us (How to Get Your Credit Reports)”:

As discussed previously, someone with financial questions or issues
comes to us and meets with one of our licensed attorneys for a free
consultation. At this consultation, potential clients are most likely
concerned about their debt situation, and they have already either
received collection calls and the like or are concerned about how
their immediate credit future looks. Our prospective clients will fill
out an information form that we can provide to them at our office
or we can email to them or direct them to our website to fill it out.
Either way, what we suggest before the prospective client starts with
us is for them to get control of their situation. As the saying goes,
knowledge is power. We recommend that clients write out every single
bill that they have, starting with all of their current monthly bills as far
as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food costs, insurance costs, and
the like. Once that is done, we ask our prospective clients to gather
together all of the bills that they have to include home loans, car loans,
medical debts, credit card debt, signature loans, payday advances, and
any other type of debt. Immediately after doing that, to make sure
this exercise is full and complete, the next thing all of our prospective
clients should do is to get their credit reports. Nationwide, there are
three main credit reporting agencies that provide virtually all of the
credit information in the United States. These credit reporting agencies
are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. I recently wrote an article for
the BondandBotes.com blog on this issue and am including it below
for the reader’s convenience.

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