Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “Our Lawyers and Affiliated Law Firms”

Bankruptcy – We Wrote the Book on It By Ronald C. Sykstus and the Bond and Botes Team of Lawyers

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “Our Lawyers and Affiliated Law Firms”:

Before we begin the substantive stuff, just a little bit about our law
practice, lawyers, and affiliated law firms.

The law firm of Bond and Botes, P.C., began in 1989 in Birmingham,
Alabama, by two law school friends, Mark Bond and Brad Botes. After
practicing initially in general areas of law, Mark and Brad then decided
to devote their entire law practice to the area of consumer bankruptcy.
Since that time, the law firm has evolved into additional areas of law
and has expanded its geographic locations into several states. Currently,
the law firm has offices in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Each
office is owned by other Bond and Botes shareholders, and each office
is a separate legal entity with a managing shareholder on the ground.
As a result, we refer to these offices as the affiliated law offices of Bond
and Botes.

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