Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “Introduction: The Stress and Worry of Debt”

Bankruptcy – We Wrote the Book on It By Ronald C. Sykstus and the Bond and Botes Team of Lawyers

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “Introduction: The Stress and Worry of Debt”:

Why do people come to our offices? It is really rather simple. The
stress and worry of their situation makes them feel like they have
no place to turn. Obviously, if someone has no debt issues at all, is
completely current on all their bills, and has savings in the bank, then
they do not need to see us about debt problems or issues and they
may come to us for other reasons such as tax or student loan issues
(more on that later). People come to us for financial consultations if
they are feeling overwhelmed with their debt situation and believe that
they will not be able to make some or all of the payments that are due
on next month’s bills. They may be getting collection calls from both
creditors and/or debt collectors to their home, work, or cell phone
numbers. They may be receiving threatening collection letters from
creditors and debt collectors. They may be served with a lawsuit by
the county sheriff or in the mail. They may receive a garnishment of
their wages. The IRS or state taxing authorities may be threatening a
levy of their wages. They may be being threatened with an automobile
repossession by their car creditor. Their mortgage company may be
threatening to foreclose on their home or, worse, a foreclosure action
may already have been started.

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