Bankruptcy - We Wrote the Book on It

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164 pages

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This book was written by attorney Ronald C. Sykstus and the Bond and Botes team of lawyers, who have over 150 years of collective bankruptcy experience. With offices currently located in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, the Bond and Botes team of lawyers have filed and successfully completed thousands and thousands of bankruptcy cases for their clients over the past 20-plus years that their offices have been open. Bankruptcy law is a complex and nuanced field of law that covers and overlaps with many other legal areas. This book is an easy-to-read, common-sense approach to bankruptcy, and it attempts to answer the common questions and concerns of everyday people who find themselves struggling and overwhelmed by debt. This book addresses issues relating to credit, divorce, student loans, tax debt, lawsuits, and collection harassment, among other topics. When people are unfortunately facing unsurmountable debt, they usually have two or three major areas of concern in regards to their debts and their future. This book will undoubtedly address all of the concerns that people have, and it will do so in a way that will make sense and be understandable.  This is a perfect first step for someone who is concerned and worried about their personal debt situation and wants to know all of their options in the privacy and comfort of their home prior to discussing their situation with a bankruptcy lawyer or anyone else.


About Ronald C. Sykstus and the Bond and Botes Team of Lawyers

Ron Sykstus is the managing partner of Bond, Botes, Sykstus, Tanner & Ezzell, P.C. in Huntsville, Alabama and Decatur, Alabama. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Ron received his education from the University of Arizona and the Northern Illinois University College of Law. Upon graduation from law school, Ron served a four year tour of active-duty with the United States Army Judge Advocates General’s Corps. As a JAG, he initially served as a prosecutor for 11th ADA Brigade and 3rd Armored Calvary Division at Fort Bliss, Texas.



We are often asked what our clients are like. Are they young or old? Are they Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, or Asian? Are they married or single? What kind of jobs do they have? Are they lawyers, doctors, dentists, engineers, cashiers, teachers, construction workers, or waitresses? Are some of them unemployed? Do they own homes, beach homes, vacation homes, or office buildings? Are they 18 years old? Are they 25 years old? Are they 35 years old? Are they 45 years old? Are they 55 years old? Are they 65 years old? Are they 75 years old? Are they 85 years old? Do they have high school degrees?


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